Under the Lens Investigations

Mina's Journal - Entry 1
The Case of the Stupid Suit of Water Armor. We all know it was smugglers!

After some down time, Roger and I finally got presented with another case. And thank the gods for it. I was getting tired of playing Go Fish everyday and even though Twizzlers are a low fat snack, I think I was starting to put on some weight! But I digress…A rather strange and paranoid student from the college came and wanted us to investigate the disappearance of his classmate, Jimmy. Turns out they were working on some TOP SECRET stuff!

Knowing we’d need some….“special” help, one of Roger’s contact’s Nicky the Nose, hooked us up with Mel who is now the newest addition to our quirky team. Finally we started our investigation. We started at the college to question the professor who was heading up this TOP SECRET PROJECT (which at this point we figured out to be some kind of ancient metal suit). He was awfully shifty. God I wish I were off running through some dangerous dungeons right now. Maybe after this case…Roger’s been saying he wants to learn how to be more adventurous. ANYWAYS. Then we got escorted away by some security guy…. who’s name tag said SUSAN and even though he tried to hide it…we all saw…WE ALL SAW. Mel had been able to sneak away from the group and poked around the Profs office, while I noticed a giant metal man walking around out of the corner of my eye…. in broad daylight…. Really?? While Roger was trying to persuade Susan to make a better life for himself by going back to college, I snuck away in pursuit. I lost him around a corner, but met up with Mel, and then noticed a metal man on the roof of the school by the statue of the mascot. So me and Melsy here ran up 28 flights of stairs…. boy he sure could run. The damn thing was gone by the time we got there and we were baffled as to where it could have gone. The only clues we found were a puddle of water that we didn’t think much of and more importantly seaweed, which the stupid suit had been leaving a trail of. I think eventually Roger joined us on the roof to help us investigate, while we played around on the statue…. causing a scene. WHATEVER! Then some stuff happened, and Mel and I rode down 28 flights of stair banisters.

Roger went and talked with his cop buddy Lt. Daniel Brown while Mel and I hung around the city’s huge fountain…which I played in. It was nice and cool on my feet. Mel suspiciously hung around in the bushes…weird guy. Blah blah, the big reveal was that some group of people that I don’t care to remember right now was having the college secretly work on this suit of armor that could move really fast in the water and retain water to move really fast on land as well. Of course the group wanted it for a weapon. BIG SURPRISE! People never learn. We tracked the sewer system and with help from some other contacts (I’m getting tired of writing this) we learned the enemies’ base of operations, which was down by the docks. We went and found our missing person’s (Jimmy) being beaten up, along with a copious amount of mobsters, by someone in the crazy water armor. Mel and I were able to drag Jimmy out a window and got him to safety while Roger kept watch. We were unsure how to attack the suit though considering how fast it could move…we didn’t stand a chance. Until I devised a plan to trip it with soapy water. BECAUSE I’M AWESOME. Roger distracted the suit with a blast from his gun, I threw the soapy water, the ‘bad guy’ slipped and fell and came rocketing out of the shack he was in. Mel then landed the killing shot ending our not very epic battle. We were surprised to find that it was SUSAN in the suit and not the Professor like we had thought. Jeez, what the hell, are we the Scooby Gang now? Supposedly Susan tried to save Jimmy, but the suit makes you go crazy. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. A poor man, who Roger had just set back on the right track, is dead. A terrible Tragedy.

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