Seafood chef Extrodinare!! Oh, and he's also a Kobold.


Dooboot is an adorable Kobold with a giant chef’s hat. He looks like a corgi and stands about 4 feet tall, while his hat adds another 2 feet at least! Dooboot always carries a french/italian style mustache in his pocket. When he’s feeling french and sassy he pulls out his mustache, holds it to his faces and gives it a good twirl! He speaks in broken common (and maybe a bit better Maric), and his voice is higher in pitch due to the small stature of Kobolds.

Don’t let his adorable visage fool you though! He’s very handy with kitchen equipment and utensials!


  • Common (broken)
  • Maric (not as broken)
  • Kobold (aka dog yips)

Dooboot (also known as Mr. Bootsy) is a Seafood chef, his speciality….SCALLOPS! No one knows why…but some say that his master, a very foul mouthed man, insisted that the secrets of the culinary arts rested in their scallopy perfection!

This little kobold is a bundle of energy and anything cooking/food related get’s him….ALL FIRED UP! Hoo Hoo! Bootsy helped a down-on-her-luck Mina get back on her feet and food in her tummy and they became fast friends!


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