Renard Bellarouse

Famous Investigator and slight playboy known as "The Inquisitor".


Renard has brown hair with bangs and a smallish ponytail as well as a goatee. He has a soft yet masculine face, is very charming and has a thin but toned build. (Hopefully I can get a picture of my own design up soon. I used this fanart of Flynn Rider from Tangled I found on DA)


  • Common
  • Kokis

Renard is a famous investigator also known as “The Inquisitor”. He is a bit of a playboy and very flirtatious with women. However, he takes his business seriously and will act thusly if needed. Renard’s favorite hangout spot is the highclass hotel, the Imperial Swan, and he spends much of his time there surrounded by his faithful fangirls (but really he’s gathering gossip and information since a lot of big name people tend to stay there). Despite his…quirks…he is a good guy at heart. Renard is a friend of Mina Archer’s, and part of the reason she ended up with Under the Lens Investigations.

Notes on playing Renard:

  • If there is a woman present in the party when talking with him, he will tend to direct his attention and speech to them.
  • He may also be able to help out the party with issues regarding entrance into the Imperial Swan, having a woman in the party makes this much more likely.

Renard Bellarouse

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