Player Openings

If you’d be interested in playing in the Campaign, send me a concept for a possible member of Under the Lens Investigations as a PM here on the site.

Requirements to be a Player:

  • Must have your character approved by the GM
  • Must upload character sheet onto this Wiki in the Character section.
  • You need to come up with the descriptions and identities of 4 new NPCs for me to throw into the game, and must list them in the Character section as well. They must be NPCs your character would know (but you don’t have to fully stat them out).
  • You will need to have your own set of dice, and a miniature that will specifically be Your Character in-game. The miniature does not need to be a bought and painted mini, but “just this bottle cap I found” will not do. Chess pieces are allowed, given that they are decorated in some way.

A bonus Benny will be awarded to all players who in some way updated the Wiki during the previous Arc. A new page, an Adventure Log, or extensive updating to the wiki will Qualify, and if the new Arc lasts more than one session the bonus Benny will apply to all of the sessions that the Arc entails.

(At the beginning of every session in Arc 3, for example, Susan would start with 4 Bennies instead of the typical 3 if she updated the Adventure Log with a detailed description of what happened in one of the sessions of Arc 2. If she does no updating during Arc 3, she would go back to only receiving 3 Bennies at the beginning of every session in Arc 4).

We currently have two open seats at the table.

Player Openings

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