The Original Three Nations of Sangït

Sangït was easily divided originally into three seperate regions, each with it’s own culture and languages. Eventually, these regions formed into self-governing states and peace (aside from the occasional skirmish) was enjoyed by all. The Events, however, dissolved those nations into the now called “Republic of Sangït” and it’s colonies.

The three original Nations were

  • Maric, kingdom of the Dagonians, and home to those who live in or on the Mari Sea
  • Kokis, nation of Mankind, and those who work with them in their attempt to fully explore and understand the Isle of Sangït.
  • Tumac, the place where the creatures of the forest and any seeking to grow and develop Nature itself reside.

The nations now lie in ruins, and only the stone and masonry that has withstood the test of time, and the languages each nation used to speak are all that remains. Though even those have begun to slip away…

The Original Three Nations of Sangït

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